St. Albans Scareview Grave School: A Spine-Chilling Experience


Anyone who has ever gone to elementary school has some repressed memories that could easily turn into nightmares. Yes, I am thinking about you Billy, the kid who threw worms into my hair during recess! So, it should really come as no surprise that the Fairview Elementary School transforms into Scareview every Halloween season. For many families around the Kanawha County area, this haunted house has become a family tradition.

Scareview features over 20,000 square feet of terrifying fun for all ages. One visit to Scareview just may make those bad memories of elementary school go further back into the recesses of your mind when you see what awaits you in this school…and we promise it is not the smell of day-old sloppy joe, vomit, and crayola!

The building is currently owned by the West Side Volunteer Fire Department. The event is run 100% by volunteers from the community and the fire department as a way of raising funds for the fire department. Which means all the while you are screaming and running for your life, it is all for a very good cause!

Haunt Visit Coming This Weekend!